Monday, January 16, 2006

Second Finish for 2006

This is Sweet Honey by Shepherd's Bush, it was a free chart. I started this little one about 5 years ago. Had some fits with frogging and stuffed it to the bottom of the projects piles. The fabric is some raw linen that I hand dyed with kool aid. It still needs the bee charm but I can't find the little bugger right now so this scan will have to do.


Meari said...

I love that fabric color, Vikki! It's a cute chart, too. Congrats on the finish.

Shelleen said...

It came out great and I love the color of the fabric :-)

Dianne said...

That's really sweet! I have never seen a Kool Aid dyed fabric before and I love the color of yours!
Isn't that like a modified band sampler? I remember doing one with graduation motifs for my nephew and they are not easy.
Doesn't that make you feel good so you can admire it and move on to something new? : )