Monday, May 25, 2009

Lemons Limes and More update pic

Here is a progress pic of Lemons Limes and More. I love the Vermillion pillows and this is the first one I decided to stitch. I have collected all of the patterns so far. Haven't worked on this one in over a year. It was nice to stitch on it again. (you can see the progress from the beginning here )
I also put a few stitches in on Midi but not enough for an update pic.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been promising an update pic of Midi....

Wanted to take a progress pic and got this.......

Wanted to take another pic in case the last one was blurry and got this......

Stitching will never be sacred to cats! You can see all the progress pics on my weshots, the link is to the left.

Yet another small finish.

Last night I went thru all of the projects that I started so I could list them on my blog (see the left side). Well I found 2 that were started a few years ago but then I messed up and threw them to the side.

Well, one of them was Honey Bee by Dimensions. It is a small Cherished Charms kit and will be finished as a small hanging pillow (the pillow parts came with the kit, minus the stuffing). Finish him today at work.

I also found Christmas Angel 1989 by Told In A Garden ( It is a freebie. I started her back in 2006, thought I lost her then found her again and found a mistake. I pulled her out tonight after stitching a bit on Ewe are Special by Cross My Heart and frogged the mistake so she is ready to stitch again!

I'm really making progress. I have been pretty good about not starting new projects. Doesn't mean they haven't been kitted! Just means that when I finish one I'm trying not to start another one. I did make a couple exceptions. I consider them continuations. One is Christmas by M Designs that I started after I finished Halloween also by M Designs. And then I started one of the wizards that go with Morning and Evening Fairies designed by Dragon Dreams. There is one more wizard after this one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was looking at Tempest and found that I missed a few backstitches. I also spilled a drop of coffee on it UGH. The drop is small and not on the stitching part so I should be able to get it out. I also put in the missed bs.

I then went thru all the projects that I have started and updated my list on the side. I decided to pull out Ewe Are Special by Cross My Heart. This is a little kit that I bought when I attended my first XS show. I stitched a bit on it and put it away when I made a mistake, pulled it back out and made another mistake. This time I pulled it back out and pulled out the mistake (actually all the light stitches that I put in) Then I saw that I probably wouldn't have enough of the floss they provided so I pulled out some from my stash (they listed and use DMC anyhow so it made it easy). I am stitching on it tonight and already did more than I pulled out so this is good. I was so frustrated with myself because it is a small design (maybe 4 X 4) and I made mistakes on it. I have a habit of throwing those in the bottom of my to do pile when I find a mistake. I stitch because I enjoy it and don't want to be frustrated by it. So anyhow, I should be ok with this one now. And I won't have to worry about running out of floss since I changed to full skeins. I will have to post a pic from the packaging and possibly a progress pic soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finished Tempest in a Teacup by TW

Took me a while but I'm finally finished Tempest by Teresa Wentzler. I decided that I didn't want the lettering on the cup but may still add a teabag charm.

I also stitched a bit on Midsummer Nights Fairy but haven't taken a progress pic yet.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Some Babbling

Sorry, Just love that pic! LOL

Ok so I signed in and finally noticed that I had unmoderated comments! ROFL NO, I don't pay attention much. Needless to say I finally approved them all. And thanks for all the great comments.

I also wanted to let you all know that I have been stitching since finishing Halloween. I started Christmas by M Designs. Just did about 10 stitches on it. It will be done with Rayon and I will have to do that in spurts since it doesn't want to lay right for me. The thread heaven helps alot.

I also pulled out Tempest in a Teacup by Teresa Wentzler and I'm almost finished the wings and head. Will have a few more stitches on the cup and then less than half the border before finishing up with the back stitching.

Tonight I also pulled out Midsummer Nights Fairy and made a small amount of progress on her. I will keep her out atleast this weekend and get more done then post progress pics.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Finished the stitching, now need to make buttons

Just finished the stitching on Halloween by M Designs. Did this as an SAL with a friend Shelleen. I am going to make my buttons and will add some seed beads. I used hand dyed fabric from silkweaver and Halloween Treat by Six Strand Sweets. (the fabric is slightly lighter than the pic shows). Stay tuned....