Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are you ready for another "Out of the Mouth of Babes"?

Another priceless story popped into my mind. do I start this one??? Ok, Alex was about 3 years old. Anyone that has had a 3yo son knows that they tend to touch themselves ALOT!!!! Well, let's just say that my two sons did enough for them and then if anyone didn't touch themselves enough then don't worry cause my sons probably touched themselves enough to make up the national average. Most times you ask if they have to pee. At the age of three they aren't always making it to the bathroom in time if playing or watching a "must see" show like Barney or Telly Tubbies UGH.

One particular night I'm just at the bottom of the steps and notice that my son Alex was standing in front of the TV and holding himself. Naturally, I tell him to go to the bathroom. Apparently, the show was better and he didn't hear me so I tell him again. He then tells me that he doesn't have to go. So I tell him to get his hands off of himself then. (and how many times a day does this scenario play out? I lost count).

Well, not thinking about it anymore, 2 minutes later he tells me and I quote:

"Mom, you know what I was holding myself?"


"Cause it's so looooonnnggg"

Well, I almost fell out of the chair! I had to turn around and stiffle the whooping laughter that was coming from somewhere in my intestines. What do you say to that? I said "O.K." ROFLMAO!

The picture in my head you ask? Oh God, 3 years old and I can already see him and the preschoolers lined up in the bathroom during break and measuring up like the big boys. I'm thinking, I know times have changed but COME ON!!!!!!

So my advice on something like that? Walk away and stiffle the laughter in a towel in the next room! You don't want to egg them on LOL

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