Sunday, April 13, 2014

Checkerboard Pumpkin Freebie from Waxing Moon - found the chart!

Last year I finished this cute guy:

I looked and they don't have it on the website or any place else that I have looked.  I did however find the PDF on my computer.  It is a freebie so there is no selling but you can stitch away! Just drop me a line and I can send it off to you.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Stitched up a gift for a friend.

Found this cute little box at a thrift store:

Decided to take the little paper out and add a stitched item.  I found a cute alphabet in a magazine (think it was Just Cross Stitch) and stitched it on plastic canvas.  Then I put the paper back in on the underside so she could see it when opened :)

Cappuccino by Mill Hill

This was about 895 beads and has a companion piece.  I didn't center it correctly on the paper so I'm going to have to mount it on something in order to frame.

I also have the companion piece to start, Latte 

Did some framing.

Over a month ago I pulled out all of my finished projects and frames and did some matching.  I ended up framing just a few.  I have two others but need to paint the frames first.