Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Finish!

I joined an Olympic Challenge going on at one of my yahoo groups. The goal was to start a project during the opening ceremonies and finish it before the closing ceremonies. I finished a few days early! I can't believe it lol

I chose Margarita by Glory Bee. I used a 32ct linen, mill hill beads and a worm button from Just Another Button Company (just wasn't in the mood to make one LOL)

I think I need one of these drinks right now!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Blogversary Give Away!!

Sarah aka Craftymoo is holding a blogversary giveaway at the link below. check it out!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Haven't stitched too much this week. I joined an Olympic Challenge with one of my groups. The challenge is to start a project during the Opening Ceremonies and finish before the Closing. I chose to do Margarita by Glory Bee. I have the glass finished except for the beads and started on the border. No update pic yet.

I did however take an update pic on another challenge that I joined. It was the New Year's Challenge. Just had to start a new project on New Year Day. I decided on Seasons by Vals Stitchin Stuff and here is a progress pic.

Finally received my laptop after UPS took an extra week to deliver and loving it so far!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thought I would post some pics of my Saturday view.

After the snow storm:

My back deck was blanketed with over 18 inches...there is a grill under there somewhere! There is also a mini van under all of that crap LOL

Saturday, February 06, 2010


I'm shopping and I can't stop. After the big stash haul from The Village Stitchery and Bush Mountain Stitchery I came home and posted my list to my xs groups. Today I shopped some more. I bought two pieces of fabric that I needed for two other projects from Silkweaver Fabrics and of course threw in a small one on sale because it was there. Then Gina went and joined one of the fabric of the month clubs with them. I came home from work and joined the Mini Fabric of the Month and then joined the varigated floss of the month from Vicki Clayton. OMG...someone steal my check card LOL

I forgot a couple!

This is 4 Seasons Square by Sandman Originals. I finished this back in 2003 and it called for buttons but I decided to use charms instead.

I did this freebie to practice different stitches. It called for a frosted Dove treasure but I opted for the dragonfly charm instead :)

And this last one is just for Eye Candy!

For all of us that are huddling "under the desk". I brought some entertainment!

Oh but I have more!

Wise Men Came by Shepherd's Bush. I couldn't see putting out $10 for a charm so I found another that was comparable.

This tree came to me as a result of a defunct round robin exchange (the last one I ever joined). It was plain so I jazzed it up with some charms.

And some more stitching pics.

Here is Halloween by M Designs. I used fabric from Silkweaver and thread from Six Strand Sweets. The witch hat, candy corns and jack o lantern pumpkins were made by me. The bats, cat and stars are from Just Another Button Company and the others are plastic that I picked up along my travels. Now to get it framed.

And now for some stitchy photos!

Here are the Lizzie Kate Boxers from her 2006 series. I'm thinking a quilted wall hanging maybe?

Always into something!

Can't leave the cabinet open for a minute! This is Cali and I think she was looking for the catnip (it was on the other side) You should have seen the fight she gave me to get out of there LOL