Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Just a note to wish you a Merry Christmas. Here is a pic of my tree this year.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bomb Bomb - Cat Platter or Chinese Food?

Sorry for the grainy pic but this was with my old digital camera. I couldn't resist taking this pic. I walked by and noticed that she knocked this down and planted herself right in the center of it. She wasn't too happy when I put it away!

My Last Christmas Present

Finished this scarf up tonight. This is the 4th and final one for presents. Now I have to get out the yarn and make mine. We always leave ourselves last huh?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some of my lastest finishes

Here is the 3rd scarf of 4. This was a birthday present instead of Christmas. Eric's birthday is the 23rd and his aunt is the 22nd. He wanted to give her something so my husband told me to make her a scarf. We gave it to her today and she loved it. She loves scarves and this one will keep her nice and warm. (if you look to the left of the picture you can see some of my cat Bomb Bomb. She is never too far from me at all times.)

Look how fuzzy! This monster is the 2nd of 4 scarves I'm making this Christmas. I made this one for my stepdaughter. It is about 12" wide and over 8 ft long! I used this super soft yarn called Baby Clouds and edged the entired thing with Fun Fur. It is sooooo soft and warm!

Here are some of the scissor fobs that I made last month. I gave some for presents.

Finished this one in early October for my friend Debbie. I painted and embellished the frame myself but couldn't find a square frame that fit so off set it. When I find a jewel of her birthstone I will attach it to the top empty space for her.

This was done for an ornament exchange. It is Victorian Christmas Tree from Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue, 2003 (I think). Finished this one up at the beginning of the month and sent it off. Rumor has it that she likes it!

These two ornies were stitched a few years ago. I actually think the Angel one was done close to 5 yrs ago and the snowman was done about 3 yrs ago, I made the little mitten buttons. I finally made a feeble attempt at makign cording for the angel, I'm not too thrilled with it but since it is on there and finished it will stay that way. The Snowman was put on cardboard and backed with some small checkered scrapbooking paper.
This is the first of 4 scarves I'm making this Chritmas. Going to give this to my mother. She is so hard to buy for and really doesn't need anything (that I can afford to buy for her). This will keep her nice and warm.
I crocheted this for Eric's teacher. She is due sometime in mid-January so I made this and gave it to her a few weeks ago.

Dumb Cat Story

Was just telling someone about this in a snail mail......

This Fido...I know "But it's a cat!" your thinking. Trust me, her name fits her just fine. I think she grew up with dogs. She actually followed me home from school about 8yrs ago. I was in college and on my way to class when she popped out of the alley. I petted her and kept walking and she followed me all the way down the street. I ended up bringing her back to where she came out of the alley and went into the store and bought her some food because she was going to get run over if she kept following me. Didn't see her until 3 days later when she mysteriously appeared on my front sidewalk and wouldn't leave. She begs at the table, refuses to use the litter box, instead she scratches at the door and goes out in the alley, she drinks from the toilet and eats just about any scraps you give her. She is only a cat in the fact that she looks like one and is as stubborn as one. Right now this pic shows that she is doing a big No No. No cats on my tables. She got caught right before Halloween in this bowl. Last week she was up on my table and decided to push all of the Christmas cards onto the floor. Had them all stacked nice and neat with my address book, labels and stamps and she shoved them off. I picked them up and yelled at her. She got back up an hour later and did it again. Grrrrrrrrrrr BUT God paid her back! The next day she was walking on the table again and walked onto a piece of paper that was half off the edge. Little did she know this small tidbit of information and she walked on it and fell right to the floor. I almost peed in my chair. She sort of gave me this shade look and ran upstairs. She probably went up and found something black of mine to go clean herself on. She has a habit of that too and has given me a few "fur coated" outfits.

some other pics

Was just thinking. I uploaded a "good" pic of me in that last post. Here are some more realistic pics. These were taken down the shore in 2004.

Are you scared yet???

Oh how special, my very first post!

Ok, here I am typing up a blog page. I really didn't think I wanted to do something like this but I love reading my friends' blogs and figure this is a good way to ramble on and on and on and....oh there I go already huh?

Not sure what my "theme" will be for this blog. Probably mostly my crafts but I think I want to document some of the funny crap that goes on in my life too. I figure if I post enough of them then I can write a book and get rich and afford to liposuction myself into a size 10 then run off to some place hot all of the time. Ok, maybe I can just make you laugh when you read it? That sounds more realistic!

Ok, let me go check out this site and see what kind of magic I can conjure up.