Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is Eggs by Sanman Originals (it is a freebie it was stitched for my son's teacher. She was so good to him this year so I wanted to give her something special. I know that she likes my crafts so I figured why not stitch! As I was stitching this I was looking at the birds. Now, is it a chicken or a rooster? A chicken would have the eggs and the chick but then the rooster would have the plume and the waddle. So I have decided to call it a Ricken LOL. I think I am going to mount this on a basket if I can find the right size. I thought about framing it but, to tell the truth, I just don't feel like trying to find the frame and maybe even a mat for it. It is already late because the last day of school was June 15th but I did make it a point to get her address.