Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Stitching Plan

I am trying to make sure that I finish more projects. About 3 years ago I see that I had a lot of finishes but over the past 3 years it has declined A LOT. I only finished about 6 projects last year and none were too big. Now, don't get me wrong. I have started plenty LOL. I have belonged to Stitch A Longs (SALs) for awhile but haven't really stuck to them. This year I have joined a few more in hopes to finish some of these projects so the guilt levels go down when I start another project. Here is the schedule:

Sunday - UFO SAL
No Place Like Home by Mary Engelbreit
Teatime - Mill Hill
Sweet Honey - Shepherds Bush freebie

Monday - Charts & Charms SAL
Animal Magnetism - Dimensions

Tuesday - Angel SAL
Midsummer Nights Fairy by Mirabilia (I know it is a fairy but it is close enough)
Ice Angel by Lavender & Lace

Wednesday - Stitching In The Dark SAL
Eagle In Moonlight - Dimensions Sunset kit
Screaming Daffy - Leisure Arts

Any Day - Teresa Wentzler SAL
Tempest In Teacup - TW freebie

For the past week I have been keeping ok with the plan. Worked on Animal Magnetism, Eagle in Moonlight and No Place Like Home.

You can see my progress pics at these two links:



Lets hope this plan works. As I finish projects I have more to take their places so that will not be a problem. I am also trying to finish crocheting Gina's blanket and have been putting a few stitches here and there during the week. And of course have a bunch of crochet things that I want to do also. I tend to get a crochet bug when it is cold. Especially blankets since they keep me warm when I'm working on it.

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