Friday, January 13, 2006

Gotta love the things that come out of kids mouths!

Here is just another story to add to my book if I ever write one.

I have only had a car for the past 3 yrs. Before that I was taking public transportation. During the summer you hope to sit next to the person that either atleast took a shower during that month or was liberal with the deodorant. During the holidays you don't want to get on with your 3yo kid because something like this can happen.

One Christmas shopping holiday I was coming home from center city with my friend Debbie, my step daughter Sam and my daughter Gina that was then about 3. Needless to say the bus was packed and I had bags and she was standing up in the seat next to me holding on to the back and having a good time while I was hoping the baby coach didn't unfold in the middle of the aisle and take out someone shin. Debbie was standing near me and Sam was a few seats away. I'm talking to Debbie when all of a sudden my daughter says real loud "Mommy, that guy has a spider on his chin!" Well I turn around to see what she is talking about and sitting right behind us is this little Asian man with a mole the size of a dime on his chin and about 6 hairs sticking out of it. Stiffling the hysterical laughter I tell her in a short tone. "That isn't a spider now turn around and sit down." Well, before she sits she pipes up "Well, what is it?" By this time I'm really trying hard not to laugh and the guy is looking at me and slowly puts his finger over his mole. What do you say to that? I know the first thing that came to mind was to tell the guy the least he could do was pluck the suckers and maybe he would scare the small children but the sheepish grin he gave was enough.


Shelleen said...

Funny Story LOL.I imagine you were mortified LOL.

Dianne said...

Once Sean walked into the lady's kitchen across the street (he was about 2 or 3) and said 'What a mess!' I could have fallen through the floor. I think he realized he was in her kitchen and that's how I always described ours.
I have a mole (beauty mark?) on my face and when I was a kid the neighbor kids' mom told me 'you are gonna get hairs growing out of that'. I was mortified. Now I watch it like crazy because she of course was right'. ; )