Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yet another small finish.

Last night I went thru all of the projects that I started so I could list them on my blog (see the left side). Well I found 2 that were started a few years ago but then I messed up and threw them to the side.

Well, one of them was Honey Bee by Dimensions. It is a small Cherished Charms kit and will be finished as a small hanging pillow (the pillow parts came with the kit, minus the stuffing). Finish him today at work.

I also found Christmas Angel 1989 by Told In A Garden ( It is a freebie. I started her back in 2006, thought I lost her then found her again and found a mistake. I pulled her out tonight after stitching a bit on Ewe are Special by Cross My Heart and frogged the mistake so she is ready to stitch again!

I'm really making progress. I have been pretty good about not starting new projects. Doesn't mean they haven't been kitted! Just means that when I finish one I'm trying not to start another one. I did make a couple exceptions. I consider them continuations. One is Christmas by M Designs that I started after I finished Halloween also by M Designs. And then I started one of the wizards that go with Morning and Evening Fairies designed by Dragon Dreams. There is one more wizard after this one.

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