Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was looking at Tempest and found that I missed a few backstitches. I also spilled a drop of coffee on it UGH. The drop is small and not on the stitching part so I should be able to get it out. I also put in the missed bs.

I then went thru all the projects that I have started and updated my list on the side. I decided to pull out Ewe Are Special by Cross My Heart. This is a little kit that I bought when I attended my first XS show. I stitched a bit on it and put it away when I made a mistake, pulled it back out and made another mistake. This time I pulled it back out and pulled out the mistake (actually all the light stitches that I put in) Then I saw that I probably wouldn't have enough of the floss they provided so I pulled out some from my stash (they listed and use DMC anyhow so it made it easy). I am stitching on it tonight and already did more than I pulled out so this is good. I was so frustrated with myself because it is a small design (maybe 4 X 4) and I made mistakes on it. I have a habit of throwing those in the bottom of my to do pile when I find a mistake. I stitch because I enjoy it and don't want to be frustrated by it. So anyhow, I should be ok with this one now. And I won't have to worry about running out of floss since I changed to full skeins. I will have to post a pic from the packaging and possibly a progress pic soon.

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