Friday, May 08, 2009

Some Babbling

Sorry, Just love that pic! LOL

Ok so I signed in and finally noticed that I had unmoderated comments! ROFL NO, I don't pay attention much. Needless to say I finally approved them all. And thanks for all the great comments.

I also wanted to let you all know that I have been stitching since finishing Halloween. I started Christmas by M Designs. Just did about 10 stitches on it. It will be done with Rayon and I will have to do that in spurts since it doesn't want to lay right for me. The thread heaven helps alot.

I also pulled out Tempest in a Teacup by Teresa Wentzler and I'm almost finished the wings and head. Will have a few more stitches on the cup and then less than half the border before finishing up with the back stitching.

Tonight I also pulled out Midsummer Nights Fairy and made a small amount of progress on her. I will keep her out atleast this weekend and get more done then post progress pics.

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