Thursday, July 09, 2009

Great find alert!

Recently went on a needle hunt. I bought a couple of needle organizers for some of my bigger projects with alot of color changes (Lemons Limes and More is one of them).
Well, you really can't find any good needles at the local shops like Michaels and AC Moore. I had the DMC needles because the eyes seem to rip up the floss. I can buy John James online but paying over $2 for a few needles gets expensive especially if I'm looking for about 20 or so!
I decided to go on a bulk needle sale hunt. I found a great site. or both links are for the same site. I love size 26 needles. I bought 100 gold plated needles in size 26 for only $25! It was 14 and some change in Euros but after the rate exchange to US dollars it came up to about $25 with the shipping. I couldn't believe it. I was worried about how long it would take but I only waited about a week from the time I placed the order until it arrived.
I know they had other sizes and I'm not sure if they have petites but I really didn't look to hard either. I have since used the needles and they are great. The floss glides right through the eye and it isn't fraying at all.
Go take a peek. Let me know how it goes!

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