Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh how special, my very first post!

Ok, here I am typing up a blog page. I really didn't think I wanted to do something like this but I love reading my friends' blogs and figure this is a good way to ramble on and on and on and....oh there I go already huh?

Not sure what my "theme" will be for this blog. Probably mostly my crafts but I think I want to document some of the funny crap that goes on in my life too. I figure if I post enough of them then I can write a book and get rich and afford to liposuction myself into a size 10 then run off to some place hot all of the time. Ok, maybe I can just make you laugh when you read it? That sounds more realistic!

Ok, let me go check out this site and see what kind of magic I can conjure up.

1 comment:

Nancy in IL said...

The blog looks great, Vikki, and I think you'll really enjoy is. I really love mine! I think it helps to write down thoughts and inspires to look at others' blogs too. Congrats on a great start!!! Proud of you!