Sunday, May 11, 2014

A finish and some final finishes

I finished stitching and beading Latte by Mill Hill.  Since I couldn't frame the sister piece, Cappuccino, I decided to cut this one the same and put them together on a tray.  I took a tray that I bought at either Micheal's or AC Moore, painted it, traced the where the pieces would go, individually glued real coffee beans in the blank space, spray glazed 3 good coats then affixed the pieces to the tray.  I added a hang bar to the back and it is now hanging in my kitchen.

I also framed some previous finishes.  The one on the right was a dollar store frame.  I put an antique white base coat, crackle medium, red white and blue paints then a glaze coat.  The one on the right was also going to be painted but after it was sanded I decided that I liked it just like that.  I sprayed a layer of glaze to seal the wood and it still had a little white paint and turned out cool.

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Rita said...

I love the way you framed your coffee pieces. Very creative!