Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Note about the links on my finished projects posts.

I've decided to try and put links in my posts for the items I have used to complete my projects.  The links I choose are places I have bought from in the past and had great service.  A couple of them that are my normal go to places.

BUSHMOUNTAIN STITCHERY & FRAMING -I absolutely love Maeann and Gary.  I found them when their shop was still in PA.  I even made a roadtrip up to MA when they moved.  Gary does great framing!

STITCH N' STUFF  -These ladies are great!  Very sweet and their shop is packed full of stuff with a couch sitting area surrounded by Vera Bradley bags!  If they don't have it in stock when you visit their store they have no problem with ordering and shipping it to you. And I know when I was there a couple of years ago they had a coupon book that doubled as a notepad that they gave out.

1-2-3 Stitch - Have ordered from here and used to frequent their message board when I had time.  They have a monthly give away :)

Everything Cross Stitch - Have purchased from here several times.

Stitching Bits and Bobs -I have ordered from here several times also and they also have great sales.  I think they might have the Snowman '10 chart and embellishment pack on sale now (12/11/2013)

There are probably more links but these are the major ones for me.  I love the local shops but I can tell you this: if you have a shop right next to my house with great deals but have crappy service or an attitude you can bet I will not buy from you.  I've made the 2 1/2 hr drive to The Flying Needle and she was rude.  She finally started warming up and interacting when she saw how much my friend and I were spending but I've never been back and won't order from her on line either.


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