Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Household Items for the Home - Sewn February 2013

I got an idea to make a new jewelry holder since mine was full.  I shopped for some and found them way too expensive and found some instructions through a google search but unfortunately didn't save the link.  I found some fabric from a fabric outlet store near by for only $1.00 a yard and the thin plastic was bought at Joann's for about $4 a yard.  The binding I used was 1/2 but you could probably use 1" if you wanted.  The hanger I used was from some pants bought and they left the hanger on them.  I like to keep those to hold my finished stiching after I iron it so it hangs flat.  I keep a few extra and this time they really came in handy. (FYI: this one is now full of jewelry and I need to make another :)

One side finished (it is two sided)

The finished product

I also decided to make this curtain for our hall closet.  We had an accordian type door and hated it.  This looks much better.

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