Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Need some help

here are some of the clay counters that I came up with and some easy buttons for this make it and take it booth. I'm trying to keep it simple and will pre-roll some canes for them to slice. I need some honest opinions and ideas please. I'm in a rut and stuck on beading instead of clay. HELP!!!!


mdgtjulie said...

Unfortunately, I'm the last person you should ask for help with your quandary. I have not a creative bone in my body. Or maybe I should say original. Maybe you could make something the area is know for? My friend Julie is from Columbus, OH, and their college team is the Buckeyes. So she makes clay buckeyes to use in her jewelry. Maybe something you can do from near by?

Jenny K said...

Hi, Vikki
I'm not always the best person to give an opinion, but I rather like these. They look really simple to do, and anyone who has a go will have a useful item to take away - along with a sense of achievement.
Not being one who works with clay, this may be a daft question, but could you make them multicoloured by rolling different colours together in a cane of clay? I'm not sure of the scale/size of the counters and buttons.
Another suggestion, and again this might not work, or be harder to do than seems to me, is that you could roll out the clay to the correct thickness and use small cutters - leaves, flower petals etc - such as are used in sugarcraft.
You might have thought of these already, but if not, I hope that might spark a few ideas in your far more creative soul than mine!
Jenny from Derby, UK

PS I love your zip pulls

Vikki said...


I plan on having different clays pre-rolled and simple punchs. That is how I made the demos. I will also make some canes they can slice and add the headpin. I wanted it quick and easy...a taste of the craft so to speak.

Vikki said...


Great idea! We have big Nittany Lion fans here. I could do the paw print :)

mdgtjulie said...

Glad I could help you out!!

Nancy in IL said...

Personally, I love the shapes you have made already. I would love some green shamrocks and frogs too. How about Christmas trees, flowers for Mother's Day, acorns or leaves for fall, and such. Or would that entail too much painting? I know, with time constraints, KISS!

Vikki said...

thanks for the ideas Nancy. And nope, no painting involved. Just different colors of clay.