Saturday, February 12, 2011

New tattoo OUCH!

Had my anklet done last night. Boy did it hurt! My other one didn't hurt at all so I'm thinking that I had to play 2 fold for that lol
I have the male/female symbols for each kid, my eagles charm and 1/2 of a best friend charm.
I'm scheduled to get my other one in two weeks. This one will be on my calf and should be even 1/2 as bad as the ankle.


Mary Ivancicts said...

I would have to be passed out drunk....they look good!

Nancy in IL said...

It looks better than most. I don't like tats as a rule, mainly because I think of them on myself at my age, and I'd be figuring out a way to cover one up, lol! I do like yours though! Great pix!

Carolyn NC said...

The thought of needles pricking me continually is so not appealing!! Kudos for sticking it out! And wow you sure had such a busy day!