Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Been Stitchin'!

My friend Gina and I have been sitting out on the back deck and watching Stargate on my laptop since last week. This is a good thing cause if my laptop is playing movies I can't be stuck on facebook apps LOL I decided to pull out some stitching! Here are some progress pics.

This is Velcome by Lizzie Kate. Until the movie marathon only the head and bow of the ghost was done.

This is Picasso's Rooster by Lady Bug Lane. I'm doing this for my mom. I thought it was going to be a quick stitch but I think my confidence got the better of me on this one cause I keep on miscounting! Now I have to get some tape to get that faint blue line out because it was supposed to be yellow!

Have an orange or tangarine started on Lemons Limes and More by Vermillion! Also worked a bunch on the leaves.

Almost done Christmas Word Tree by M Designs. Just a few more letters to go.

A Stiching tip......Beeswax works better on Rayon, Thread Heaven works better on silk.

I also have been stitching on my Contest Sampler but have to take a pic at work tonight.


Carolyn NC said...

Hey there - stitching looks great! Are you going to the Jubilee this year?

Meari said...

Lots of stitching! I don't have a FB account, but I play Farm City on my iPod.

Lisa said...

Wow.. lots of work on lots of WIPS, they're all coming on nicely. Love those MDesigns xmas words.

Shelleen said...

everything looks great and can't wait to see what your buttons look like for Christmas Tree.

DUSTY said...

Looks like you have been busy. Everything looks great. I did that Rooster a couple of years ago and yes there is a lot of counting. But he does look great when he is done. i also did the dove of peace by the same designer and Picasso.