Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Updated by WIP & UFO list

I updated the list and figured I should explain some of the omissions.

I had a bunch of my projects at work in a box under my desk. The cleaning lady threw it out. I almost choked her to death. I was furious! Because of her stupidity I lost:

January Carousel by Donna Kooler - along with the evenweave, floss, kreinik and beads
Endangered Youngin's - chart, fabric and floss
Animal Magnetism by Dimensions - fabric, floss, and hours upon hours of hard work.
Eagle in Moonlight - Dimensions - sort of ticked off about this one but was thinking about starting it over anyhow. But now that I lost the entire kit I will have to buy it again or find just the chart somewhere.

I know there were other things in that box and the total estimate of $$$ was about $200. That doesn't count the hours put into them. So, have a moment of silence for those that were lost and lets move on. (easier said over a year later, trust me).

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